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Health and Care Professions

Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography)

Radiographers are an essential part of healthcare, with over 90% of people visiting hospital for diagnosis and / or treatment encountering one.

Diagnostic radiographers utilise cutting edge technology to produce images of inside the body (organs, tissues and bones) which can help diagnose illness or injury and monitor treatment.  

Students performing a scan at the Medical Imaging Centre

Whilst producing high quality medical images is a key part of the role, it is as much about providing holistic, person-centred care, adapting to meet the needs of every individual, and working well within interdisciplinary teams. Whilst radiographers generally work within the hospital setting, some imaging services are delivered via mobile fleets (such as breast care services, and some MRI, CT and PET-CT provision).    

Diagnostic radiography, therefore, provides a varied career pathway and here at the University of Exeter we aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed whatever career direction you choose to go in. This means we aim to provide a strong understanding of the scientific and technologic principles that underpin medical imaging, together with the ability to apply this knowledge in practice, whilst keeping holistic, person-centred care to the fore.

As we aim to give you the skills to underpin your career, rather than prepare you just for day one, our curriculum also introduces topics such as advanced and consultant practice, leadership, education and research. There is a strong emphasis on evidence-based practice throughout, and we aim to cultivate a sense of enquiry in our learners, together with the development of the skills needed to critically evaluate the evidence base to keep up to date with best practice. Our ultimate aim is for the ‘Exeter Radiographer’ to be equipped to be able to continue to learn and develop as they progress throughout their career, whilst also having the skills and curiosity needed to contribute to the improvement of services to the benefit of our patients, service users and colleagues.  

Programme information

Our BSc (Hons) Medical Imaging programme is well-established and highly regarded for its quality.  We have invested heavily in the student experience with significant investment in facilities which include an x-ray room, laboratory, virtual reality simulation and demonstration room.

Our MSci (Hons) programme builds upon the BSc to offer enhanced learning and skills development.  Our degree apprenticeships were the first in the UK to offer this alternative route into the profession of Diagnostic Radiography and are proving to be highly successful.  

All of our programmes, whether full-time or degree apprenticeships ensure that, on graduation, you will have the knowledge, skills required to successfully embark on a career as a Diagnostic Radiographer and will be eligible to apply for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).