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Health and Care Professions

Welcome to our Academy of Nursing!   

Nurses are the beating heart of our health and social care system.  Everywhere people need care you’ll find a nurse.  Nurses support young people through mental health crisis, care for older adults and their families living with dementia, and serve the most vulnerable in our society, including people experiencing homelessness, facing the impact of poverty, or fleeing conflict.  Nurses work in busy hospitals, GP surgeries, and nursing homes, but you’ll also find them in prisons, charities, government, and the military.  


Our health and social care system is changing.  To face the challenges of the future we need to think differently about how we bring health and social care together, how we tip the balance towards prevention of ill-health, and how we embrace technologies like Artificial Intelligence to develop models of personalised care.   

Rising to this challenge, the Academy of Nursing was launched with an exciting mission: to educate a pioneering Exeter Nurse. Exeter Nurses are rapidly becoming internationally recognised as highly competent nursing professionals working at the forefront of nursing science, committed to delivery of evidence-based, patient-centred care and confident to lead multidisciplinary healthcare teams and impactful nursing research.   

We look forward to you being part of our Academy of Nursing community and supporting you towards your goal of becoming an Exeter Nurse! 

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Professor Richard Kyle

Interim Head, Academy of Nursing, Professor of Interprofessional Education

Programme Information

Exeter Nurses make a profound difference to the lives of people in a variety of health and social care settings. If you share our students’ passion for high quality, compassionate patient-centred care, our MSci Nursing could be the programme for you.

Our innovative Seven Pillars of Nursing Practice and Education underpin our programme. It will give you the enhanced knowledge, skills, and values required to be a nurse leader, developed through theory and skills-based teaching and a variety of quality clinical placements across Devon and the South-West.

MSci Nursing - what our students say 

You will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of nursing care and the relationship between physical and mental health, supported by evidence for practice and our unique approach to Patient and Public Involvement

Exeter Nurses graduate with the confidence and competence to respond compassionately and effectively to a wide range of health and social care needs, with either a single registration in adult nursing or dual registration in adult and mental health nursing. 

In the Academy of Nursing, you’ll find a welcoming, supportive community of students, expert, passionate and innovative lecturers with experience in an array of different aspects of nursing both in the UK and internationally, and ultimately, an enriching course and rewarding career where you will be making a positive difference to people’s lives from day one. 

Undergraduate Degree

Seven pillars of learning

The Exeter Nurse is a nurse first and foremost. They are expert at caring for individuals, and in helping them to perform the core activities that contribute to health, recovery or dignified death; activities that the individual would perform by themselves if they had the necessary strength, will or knowledge.

The Exeter Nurse demonstrates commitment to professional values including social justice, compassion, dignity and integrity and to the flourishing of individuals, families and communities. They always aspire to do the right thing and to be of good character.

The Exeter Nurse understands the importance and complexity of evidence to meet a range of needs. Evidence underpins safe and meaningful care for individuals, families, and communities, locally and globally. The Exeter Nurse has wide-ranging scientific knowledge, confidence in demonstrating research and practice skills, and values which contribute to innovations and sustainable improvements in health and social care.

The Exeter Nurse prioritises the holistic components of wellbeing, including the wider psychological, emotional and social impacts on health and care. They work to ensure that the mental health care needs of people are considered as important as their physical health care needs, adopting a recovery focused approach.

The Exeter Nurse delivers health and social care to support the drive for worldwide improvement in physical and mental health, reduction of inequalities, and protection against global threats that disregard national borders, including the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

The Exeter Nurse works in partnership with patients, family members, caregivers, and the Academy’s Patient and Public Involvement Group, upholding the principle “nothing about us without us”. The Exeter Nurse listens to and learns from individuals’ experience, sharing the process of healthcare decision-making.

The Exeter Nurse leads by example, ensuring that health and social care is compassionate, efficient, effective, and evidence-based. They inspire confidence in others to deliver excellence in health and social care.